I'm a' Comin' Home!

I’ve booked my tickets back to the US! I’ll be flying from Medellin, Colombia to New York, America on August 7th, exactly two months from today.


I was planning to stay in Colombia a little bit longer, but one of my friends just got into a program at Columbia (the school). He’ll be moving into an apartment in Manhattan before the Fall term starts and asked if I and another friend wanted to look for a three bedroom together. It was a living situation that was too good to pass up, so I decided August would be when my South America trip officially comes to a close.

It’s a very different feeling having a concrete end. At first, I was sad to have a set departure date. For the first few days, I kept thinking, “Okay, now I only have two months, one week, and five days left!” I was worried that my Spanish wasn’t at the level I’d wanted it to be. I hadn’t completed projects I wanted to complete. I felt like I was cutting things short.

Then I realized that two months is a long time. I have plenty of time to improve my Spanish. I have plenty of time for my pet projects. I also realized that since I’m coming home earlier than I planned, I can put off getting a job for a while. Putting off getting a job is a big plus, because, as should be obvious by now, I’m reaaaaaally unemployment spoiled.

Once I thought about all that, having a final date became something I liked. I’m still thoroughly enjoying being in Colombia, but I’m also very excited about coming home. I’m excited to see my family, my friends, to own permanent possessions, to eat American foods, and basically everything else on my America fantasy checklist.

So, America, see you in two months!

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3 Responses to I'm a' Comin' Home!

  1. Jovanna Quintanar Jovanna Quintanar says:
    YAY!!!! This makes me sooooo incredibly happy…i will also be in New York (most likely) dropping off my brother for COLLEGE, in August!! AHHHHHHHHH
  2. McKenzie McKenzie says:
    so glad you’re coming back to nyc!
  3. Aunt Renee Lautmann Aunt Renee Lautmann says:

    Hi M

    Missed this posting since we were in Turkey for 12 days. It was amazing! Look forward to seeing you. Good news that you found an apartment.

    Aunt R

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