My Favorite Juan Quotes

In Cordoba, I was visiting my friend Juan, whom I’d met a few months ealier in Máncora. Over the course of my three days there, he said a lot that I really enjoyed. I’ve included my favorite quotes below. Keep in mind that he’s learning English and I’m still learning Spanish, so he talks to me in English and I talk to him in Spanish.


On teaching Americans not to objectify women:
(there’s a big group of guys applauding every so often at the outdoor bar we’re drinking at)

Me: ¿Que hacen? [What are they doing?]
Juan: Oh, sometimes men here when they see very beautiful girls walk by, they applaud. But… do not do that. Especially if you are alone. It would look very strange if you are by yourself applauding girls that are walking.

On apartment prices in Cordoba:

“Around here for 1000 you can get an apartment with one bedroom, one bathroom, a chicken, and a living room.”

On strip clubs:
(context: In Argentina, the strip clubs are actually brothels. I told him that in the US, there is, in theory, no sex in strip clubs):

“That sounds terrible! Why would you do that? You get very hot… but then you cannot do anything?”


On my misguided approach to meeting Argentinian girls in clubs:

Juan: (explaining to his friend) He walks to them and says (putting his hand on his friend’s shoulder to demonstrate what I do) ‘Hi, how are you? My name is Mike.’ It’s crazy!
Me: ¿No puedo tocar sus hombros? [I can’t touch their shoulders?]
Juan: No! You have to talk to them for 15 minutes first. (back to his friend) And he touches their hair!
Me: ¿No puedo tocar su pelo? [I can’t touch their hair?]
Juan: No! You NEVER touch an Argentine girl’s hair.

On the contrast between dating in the US and dating in Argentina:

“It is not like in the US where you meet a girl and have sex right away. In Argentina, you have to first talk to her about movies and the weather. And then you can have sex.”

Thanks again to Juan for a fantastic weekend in Cordoba! I hope he comes for a visit when I’m back in the US.

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  1. The movies AND the weather? That’s a lot of work!
  2. Mat Mat says:
    Wow, sounds hilarous. Enjoy reading your blod. I did a similar trip last year. Stayed in Cordoba for only 2 days, but it had the most beautiful girls I have ever seen in my life. So interesting to read about smb going to the same place as you did.

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