Cordoba in Pictures

Cordoba’s a beautiful city with a rich history and vibrant culture… I assume. Most of these pictures have nothing to do with that and are just of stupid things I found funny in the moment.


This is perfect if you want to buy your child a game, but your child is stupid. Careful not to let the hunk fall! (Sidenote: I don’t know what this says about me, but I don’t see any way you could interact with this game without “the hunk” ultimately falling.)


Alta Gracia, a small town 40 minutes outside Cordoba, has a museum at the childhood home of famed t-shirt designer, Che Guevara.


The museum could stand to work a little bit on their family tree-ing skills. It took me a few minutes to figure out that Che Guevara’s grandparents didn’t reproduce asexually to produce his parents. But check out the lineage on his dad’s side. His dad’s name is Ernesto Guevara Lynch! Who knew? Revolutionary from another mother.


A postcard Che sent his aunt when he was a little kid, thanking her for the toy airplane she sent him. Already a rebel, he boldly overthrows normal conventions of capitalization.


I saw this book at a newsstand by a bus stop in Alta Gracia. It was part of a collection of books that each taught a letter of the alphabet. There were a few things I found funny about this. I guess there actually aren’t any kids’ words in Spanish that start with ‘w’ so they couldn’t do their standard “W is for W_____” thing. Then there are so few words that even include a ‘w’ that they had to choose kiwi, a bird that’s only found in New Zealand. And then I have to assume the author was just so frustrated with how little sense this all made at that point that he was like, “This book that teaches Spanish has a bird from a country that doesn’t speak any Spanish. Why not have him wearing a t-shirt in English that refers to a director from America?”


I thought this was kind of a weird name for a shoe store. Handicap Sports? Then in Alta Gracia, I saw this storefront:


Another business called “handicap?” This one I think was a plumbing / heating company. I asked Juan why everything was named “handicap” and he told me that the word handicap in Argentina is only associated with golf, so it’s interpreted like “skill level.”


We were headed home from the club on Friday night when we ran into this girl, who started pretending that she was interviewing me on the street for a TV show, using the rose as a microphone. Midway through, her friend walked up to me and we had this exchange:

Friend: I am from France!
Me: Okay…
Friend: …
Me: Good?
Interviewer Girl: You don’t care at all that he’s from France, do you!?!


Yeah. U jelly?


This is an official government sign at passport control in the airport as you’re leaving Cordoba. It made me realize that there is an unfortunate lack of sexy-woman-crotch pictures at passport control in the US.

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  1. Aunt Renee Lautmann Aunt Renee Lautmann says:

    Were Che’s descendants at the Arizona family reunion??? And your great-grandfather’s name on your mom’s side is Ernest!!!!! Will there a revolution if/when you return to Pelham??

    Love u xoxo

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