Teaching Argentinians to Objectify Women

My first stop in Peru was Máncora, which is a surfing / beach party town in the North. I’d heard about it from lots of people in my hostel in Quito and decided to check it out for myself. While there, I spent most of my time with this group of Argentinians I’d met at my hostel (seen here playing an epic game of gigantic Jenga):


On my first night in Máncora, I was having dinner with Juan on the beach and we saw a really hot girl strip down to a bikini in front of us and I turned to Juan and said, “Daaaaamn!” He looked confused so I explained, “In America, when you see a hot girl you can say to your friend, ‘Daaaamn!’” Juan beamed and was immediately on board. He looked toward the girl and said, “DAN!” I corrected, “No, no. ‘Daaaamn.’” He seemed to get it and I figured my important cultural exchange was completed.

The next day, while hanging out with Juan, Sole, and Augústina, we were walking around and spotted another hot beach girl and Juan turns to me and asks eagerly, “Daaaamn?” I nodded approvingly and Juan explained the “damn” system to the girls. Later I told Sole I thought a girl was attractive and she said, “You should go to her and say, ‘I want to kiss you. You are damn!’” I gave her a quick refresher on how ‘damn’ is used, but the next girl we saw, both Sole and Augústina said, “Oooooh! She is a daaaaamn!”

By my last day in Máncora, all the Argentinians were seeing hot girls and pointing at them excitedly to say, “Oooooh, damp!” Eh, close enough.

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7 Responses to Teaching Argentinians to Objectify Women

  1. Sam Cook Sam Cook says:
    Well done sir. I am exceedingly jealous and proud.
  2. Cjp Cjp says:
    Way to spread your Ivy American Charm through out Latin America!
  3. Court Court says:
    Way to spread your privileged American Ivy charm through Latin America.
    1. Mike Mike says:
      It is my humble gift to the people of South America
  4. Olivia Olivia says:
    I can’t wait to see what happens to that guy when he comes to the US and says that about a girl. A slap in the face is highly probable.
  5. Agustina Agustina says:

    jajajaj it is so funny how you write my name culeado!

    I am here to aprobe your story, absolutly true. I didn t know about the blog, I love travel blogs. I will become a follower.

    We are waiting for you in Argentina! Be ready for a lot of ‘Daaaamns!



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