Moray: The Weird Peruvian Circular Trenches Thing

Moray is one of the stranger tourist attractions I’ve seen. I constantly saw pictures of it on travel agency signs, including this one:


(It actually took me several hours to realize what “By Food” was supposed to say.)

For something so heavily advertised, it was surprisingly desolate. On the 90 minute bus ride over, I was the only tourist. I asked for the Moray stop and they dropped me off in the middle of nowhere, but there were some taxi drivers hanging out at the bus stop to ferry people the 15 minutes to and from the site. Even at the site, there were only a handful of other people there, which is surprising for something so cool-looking.


This is the main series of trenches at Moray. they’re about 100 ft deep. Nobody really knows why they exist, but popular theory (according to a cabbie I talked to at least) is that they were made for experimental farming, since the difference in depth causes significant differences in wind and temperature.


This is the view without any distractingly handsome men in the shot.


This was the other, slightly shallower series of trenches. Legend has it that if you enter but are not pure of heart, you turn into a small pile of stones.


The stairs are my favorite thing about Incan architecture. Where else do you get to see these kinds of stairs outside video games? This was how you got up and down in the trenches.


These girls were doing it wrong. Anyone who ever owned a Nintendo knows the only respectable way to climb these is with feet-together hops (preferably with an accompanying sound effect).

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    In the picture with your face, you look like you’re about to say, “Tuuube socks?”

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