Baños in Pictures

We left Quito for a few days to hang out in Baños, which is a small town known for its hot springs and a bunch of outdoorsy stuff like biking, hiking, ziplining. Here are some pictures.


Arriving in town after our 3 hour bus ride and trying to find a taxi.


This was the view from our hotel.


We sprung the extra $4/night to get the room with a hammock.


This billboard is posted on the way to our hotel. I don’t know the translation, but it appears to be a beauty spa for dead people.


On our way into town.


I ordered Nachos at this restaurant for dinner and they came out with a bunch of stale Doritos they’d put on a plate. Rachel complained, so they brought us another tray of fresh Doritos.


More cool views of the mountains.


Doing some ziplining over the river.


Yeah, what now, valley? We just ziplined the crap out of you!

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